Machine Learning and Cyber Security Resources

Machine Learning and Cyber Security Resources

In the recent years, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have gained a lot of attention by everyone. Machine Learning is being used in a lot of fields and with every passing day, there is a new application of machine learning in some field. But there is one field where machine learning is not being used as widely as it is being used in other fields and that field is security. Perhaps I am wrong but I have not seen a comprehensive collection of tutorials or resources related to Machine Learning and Computer Security. In this post, I plan on providing stuff about the usage of machine learning in cyber security. I hope this post will be of help to many that are finding stuff related to both machine learning and cyber security. Lets begin.

Machine Learning and Cyber Security Resources

Resources related to the use of Machine Learning in Computer Security

Data for Machine Learning and Cyber Security:

There is one huge source of data for using machine learning in cyber security and that is SecRepo. This website contains all sorts of data that you can use. I have not found a better data source for cyber security than this website.


Lets go through a few good papers that illustrate the usage of machine learning in cyber security.

The below papers are taken from You can check out their website for a huge collection of papers but there are just too many and not all of them are very readable and new.


There are not many books available on the use of data science and machine learning for cyber security but I’ve found a few and these look quite promising. I’ll be reading these in my coming holidays.


There has been some amazing talks on the topic. I’ve gathered them as well.

These were the good ones I could find. I haven’t watched them all but they seem pretty good. Let me know in comments if you come across some more talks.


I’ve found some great tutorials related to this topic.


There are also few courses about the topic. But here are the ones I could find.

  • Data Mining for Cyber Security by Stanford. This one is probably the best course on using Data for Cyber Security. There are a lot of applications and techniques given by the instructor in the slides. The course page also has a lot of projects done by the students using machine learning for security.


That’s all. These were some of the very good resources that I could find related to this topic. If you know about some more resources, please comment them below and I’ll add them.

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