WiFi Bruteforcer – Android App to crack WiFi Passwords

WiFi Bruteforcer – Android App to crack WiFi Passwords

So, you are sitting at an airport and you do not know the password yet you want to use the wifi because you hate boredom. If you have an android phone, you are not far away from getting the password. Yes, that’s true. There are many applications on the internet that claim to crack WiFi passwords but most of them are either fake, infected or require a rooted device. What if you don’t have to suffer any of these and with a tap, you can get the password of a WiFi network. Well, we have something for you.

WiFi Bruteforcer

Android App to crack WiFi Passwords without requiring device rooting

This was a side project that I have been working on for a while. I really wanted an app that can just bruteforce passwords without requiring to root the device. I just completed it and am sharing it with all of you.


  • Turn on your wifi.
  • Open the application and scan networks.
  • Select any WEP/WPA2 network and a new screen will open.
  • Tap Start to start bruteforcing the password.
  • When the password is successfully found, you will get a notification.

How it works:

The app does not try millions of passwords. This would have been too time consuming and this would definitely require rooting the device. What the app does is try 10,000 most commonly used passwords with a few heuristics (trying a passwords same as the SSID name etc). It tries all these passwords and see if one of them ends up in a successful connection. If a passwords does, it shows it you on the screen and connects to the network automatically.


The app is totally virus free and does not require any extra permissions other than network and internet access.

Note: There is a new update available on the github link. Do try it and let me know if it works.

Download Source Code


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  1. 1

    Tried installing on version 6.0.1 and 5.0.2 but both return with parsing error.

    I did download an apk file so, in light of no installation guide, I assumed this would be a simple app installation.


  2. 4

    Dude you are really a talented person. For past few months I have came across some of your wonderful creations a xss script., password strength checking using machine learning.

    respect man

  3. 6

    Is the code available somewhere?
    How about implementing the generation of the default passkey out of BSSID and ESSID that some manufacturers use?

  4. 9
    Joseph Pierini

    Thank you for your work. Your password file contains many words less than the minimum 8 characters required for WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK. Are you adding additional padding?

  5. 15

    Tried on 6.0.1 and 7.1.1 and no network list. Loaded it on an old 4.4.4 and got a list of networks. But if I scan any of them it always says it cracked the password after just a few attempts. But it’s obviously the wrong password. Not even enough characters, qwerty, 12345? Why even try 5 character passwords against WPA when the minimum is 8?

  6. 17

    Since you are open to criticizing, Lets start by the False Advertising. Its definately not brute forcing. ITS USING A LIST and It barely tries 10K different passwords before giving up. way less than 1% of the possibilities. (This means it connects to way less than 1% of available networks out there.) I find it hard to believe it ever cracks anyones password at that rate unless the password literally is password or something really lame. The term Brute Force implies that it tries every possible combination until it is successful.
    There are also HUGE flaws in your program.
    1.> You need to utilize netcat to execute the cracking in the video card using the GPU instead of the CPU and memory. This frees the phone up to do other things as the CPU isnt tied up and bogged down. Not only that the GPU can crunch a password 20x faster than a CPU can. This is a very slow password cruncher.
    2.> You need to build an ACTUAL Bruteforcer. Its not too hard really, are you using aircrack-ng? or did you make your own? Just generate a list and store it on the SD card, in custom size settable blocks, then execute the program on that list. once it completes, delete the list and begin exactly where that list left off, generate a new list and start password cracking on it. and do this till every password is tried.
    3.> You need to make it run completely in the background where it can run and you still have full functionality of the phone. It might need to run for months or even years. It needs to be able to do that. Even if the battery dies, make it pick up where it left off. ya dig?

  7. 21

    Impressive app – although I don’t see it working for my neighbours wifi!
    Is there a limit on the size of the password.txt file or is it just the first 10000 passwords you found?
    Could I change it for a much larger list with a more realistic range of potential passwords?

  8. 25

    Hey, I tried out your app yesterday and after 6000+ password tries it still didn’t do nothing so I simply closed the app. Today, after I woke up, I found my phone turned off and after I turned it on, I found that I couldn’t turn on the Wi-Fi anymore, like, not at all. I rapidly uninstalled the app and then I searched an hour on google and youtube for fixes but none of them worked and I don’t want to factory reset my phone.. Could you please help me with this? I’m losing my streak on Snapchat..

  9. 28

    I’ve just had the same issue with being unable to turn on the Wi-Fi anymore. Wifi-bruteforcer writes all of the passphrase guesses to /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf. The issue seems to be the file is too large/too many networks/passphrases. Assuming you have a rooted Android device you can simply strip the wpa_supplicant.conf file down to pre-wifi-bruteforcer levels > reboot the device and you should have wifi again.

    • 29

      Any idea on what to do with an unrooted phone? I really don’t feel like having to do a factory reset… Uninstalling the program and rebooting didn’t help either.

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